01. My chequing [account] doesn't pay me any interest at all.
02. Jake's [account] of the story was different from Sascha's because she couldn't remember everything that happened.
03. You will have to speak to our [accountant] if you think there was a mistake in your paycheck.
04. You will be held [accountable] for any mistakes that are made, so you'd better be careful.
05. People who are self-employed need to keep a close [account] of their revenue and expenses for tax purposes.
06. In a large bureaucracy, there is often not enough [accountability] to ensure good service.
07. We have to be careful how many checks we write because our [account] balance is getting low.
08. Democratic government is based on the consent of the governed and represents an attempt to make authority [accountable] to the people.
09. The picnic has been canceled on [account] of the rain.
10. Jawaharlal Nehru once remarked that facts are facts and will not disappear on [account] of your likes.
11. Dave Barry once said that after you've heard two eye-witness [accounts] of an auto accident it makes you wonder about history.
12. The President has said that any countries that helped or harbored terrorists would be held [accountable] for their actions.
13. Petroleum [accounts] for nearly half the world's energy supply.
14. Health care is our government's biggest public expense, [accounting] for more than one third of the total budget.
15. Hydrogen [accounts] for 90% of all known matter in the universe.
16. Animal and human power [accounts] for nearly 40% of all energy used in India.
17. The tobacco industry needs to be held [accountable] for the damage their products do to people.
18. Malaysia [accounts] for more than half the world's exports of tropical lumber.
19. There is a Greek proverb which states that good [accounts] make good friends.
20. Studies show that suicide [accounts] for about 25 percent of teenage deaths.
21. The first written [account] of the Loch Ness Monster was made by a Viking sailor in 565 AD.
22. Smoking killed nearly five million people in 2000, [accounting] for almost equal numbers in the developed and developing nations.
23. The early migrations of man were largely an [account] of his response to the changing environment of the ice age.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.

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